BOB meets MIKI

BOBMIKI character consists of the male character BOB, and the female character MIKI. BOB and MIKI characters designed and created by multinational designers in 2005.
BOB and MIKI characters are young couples un-recognized by people due to unique appearance but are searching for his/her own way.
The BOBMIKI character has several unique concepts compared to the other characters.
1) We do not express which nationality. They are a couple exist anywhere in the world. I did not design the character’s eyes to express it.
2) BOBMIKI character does not specify a specific color. Therefore, depending on who uses the BOBMIKI character, countless characters are created and being created.
3) BOBMIKI character has his/her musical characteristics within the characters.

BOBMIKI character accidentally came up with an idea from a young couple who met at a cafe.

COLOR! It is one of the language!

We thought color was a language. Some people like white, others like red, and others like purple. Everyone has its favorite colors, expressed by the colors of clothes and cars. Therefore, color is a language, a gesture, and a personality.

We wanted to express this diversity of colors through characters; and in that sense, we created a character whose color has infinite expression.

Just as everyone liked different colors, we wanted to create characters with different colors to express personality.

Make a family

BOBMIKI’s characters have a character structure that grows over time and creates a family. So it started with BOB and MIKI at first, but son Tommy and daughter Annie were designed.

We also have family-loving pets and these characters have a conceptual structure that grows like our life.

Find your way, Find your color

BOBMIKI’s characters are expressing our lives in search of our own way. Sometimes we do not get a recognition from others, and sometimes we get frustrated when we go the other way; but we have to walk our own path to be happy, rewarded, and to accomplish our goals.

BOBMIKI is a character expressing our lives, friends, and family who have unique personality and who is un-recognized in society, but who walk in the way of their own people.

Find your own color. It will tell you to find the way.